Garden Gratification


Kalanchoe “Mother of Thousands” plant (Kalanchoe daigremontiana)

In my garden, im partial to growing things from cuttings instead of seed. I have the worst luck in growing seed and frankly, I just dont have the space for trays of soil nor will I wait for weeks for things to sprout. Waiting for cuttings to root however is quicker and a more visual way to see if I have succeeded or not.


My croton collection, the yellow one was grown from a single leaf!

Given my weekends-only arrangement, my garden is a collection of plants that not just grow well but those that thrive on limited water and attention. Frankly, I think my absence make the arrangement work. Those that survive in my absence get rewarded with my weekly watering and as an unintentional benefit, I get to see my garden with fresh eyes every single week.


My experimental collection of cuttings im trying to root.

As a result, our garden is diverse collection of hardy ornamentals, edibles, herbs, flowers, grown en masse or suspended from hanging baskets. They are grown for practical reasons – whether for cooking, their color, their scent , or just plain looks. Its far from a typical Filipino rural garden but it reminds me of the rustic gardens our grandmothers usually tended, grown not from almost industrial seed germination but rather from exchanges made between neighbors or fellow gardeners.



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