MONTAGE: Beach Bum at Anilao

Ive always loved to travel. While opportunities to travel have gradually decreased over time – every chance to see something new or revisit old haunts become necessary breaks to recharge and get inspired.

Sharing these travel photos presented an exercise for creative minimalism. My montages are meant to be visual capsules – my trips in small doses of choice photos that for me capture the broader experience of the trip. It would be a difficult task to sift through tens if not hundreds of photos of what digital photography has afforded the modern traveller to collect but to select a few but meaningful photos allows my personal visual insight of the things that made a mark.   


The bluest blue waters at Sepoc island, plus those caves look interesting.

The beaches of Batangas never cease to amaze. Nasugbu and its countless coves, Lemery for its rustic charm, Calatagan for its calm waters, and Laiya for its white sand – It would be easy to dismiss them because they are so close to Manila but each and every beach trip to the province truly promises a different seaside experience. Anilao although long known for fantastic diving has never held any fascination to me simply because I don’t dive. Anilao turned out to be quite an experience under and over the water.





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