Centris Sunday Market


Decorative gingers and other ornamentals on sale at Centris Sunday Market.

Ive heard about the Sunday Market at Centris QC before from friends and relatives who swear by their selection of stuff, food, and most of all plants. Im always on the lookout for new places to get my plants other than my haunts at Quezon Circle and I was very hopeful that Centris will fit the bill.


The wet market section is surprisingly wide.

True enough, the place did not disappoint. It was spacious and stocked full of choices for food and plants. Dry goods, artisan bread, cooked food for families who drop by after hearing mass and the freshest in produce and seafood finds a nook in this market. Looking for pets? They got it as well, just goes to show the width and breadth of the selection here in this market.  It also provides for parking and a sheltered dining area which is always found lacking in other pop-up markets in the city.


Birds and other pets are sold in their own special section.


A wide sheltered dining hall is great for diners.

As for the plants, I was quite sure the selection will not even come close to the concentration in QC Circle but  I was more on the hunt for newer selection and of course the best bargains. I am sure that vendors would be more than inclined and willing to sell their plants at a lower cost than haul them back home. In the end, I managed to snag some herbs and ornamentals plus twin hanging pots of wandering jews for 50 pesos each. Major score!

DSC_0622In the end, the Sunday Market at Centris is worth the visit for its fabulous finds, tasty food, and if all things fail – just an enjoyable way to pass a lazy Sunday morning.






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